"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Korupark Shopping Center - Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Torium Shopping Center - İstanbul
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Deepo Outlet Center – Antalya
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Zafer Plaza – Bursa
"Worth" to invest, "worth" to live
Bulvar Samsun Shopping Center – Samsun
Material Event Disclosure
Torunlar REIC Recurring Disclosure Form
Last Update Date : 30.09.2017
REIC Conversion Date : 21.01.2008
IPO Date : 18.10.2010
30.09.2017 Portfolio Information
Net Asset Value 6,037,891,000 TRY
Net Asset Value Per Share 12.08 TRY
Portfolio Breakdown
Landbank 1%
Buildings 79%
Real Estate Projects 8%
Participations 3%
Money and Capital Market Instruments 8%
Shareholding Structure
Shareholder Name and Tradename Shareholding Amount(TRY) Share (%)
Aziz TORUN 374.067.469,86 37.41
Mehmet TORUN 374.051.746,78 37.41
Torunlar Food Industry and Commerce JSC 283.015,42 0.02
Mahmut KARABIYIK 15.723,09 0.00
Metin KARAKOÇ 8.565,93 0.00
Free Float 251.573.478,94 25.16
Board of Directors and CEO
Full Name Position
Aziz TORUN Chairman and CEO
Mehmet TORUN Vice Chairman
Mahmut KARABIYIK Member of Board of Directors
Ali ALP Member of Board of Directors
Haluk SUR Independent Member of the Board of Directors
Aziz YENİAY Independent Member of Board of Directors
Saim KILIÇ Independent Member of Board of Directors
Purpose of the Company
The company is a joint stock company with a registered capital that operates to achieve the objectives and to involve in matters stipulated in the regulations of the Capital Markets Board regarding Real Estate Investment Companies and to invest primarily in real estate, real estate based instruments and rights.
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